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Building Great Dads- Parenting Course for Dads

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Building Great Dads- Parenting Course for Dads
by James Cliff - Thursday, 17 October 2013, 8:55 AM

Building Great Dads”

 A Parenting Course for Marlborough Dads

This relaxed parenting course is designed for 21st century Dads who want to parent in a positive and caring manner that does not rely on power, control, authority or physical discipline.

The course will increase your skills, knowledge and confidence, and give   you a model to shape your relationship with your children.  My goal is to help you to parenting with a lot less stress, and a lot more fun.

Next Course starts 22nd October


Topics covered include:


  • Where did your ‘Dad’ toolkit come from?


  • A  model for the positive 21st Century Dad


  • The Brain & Child Development


  • Understanding  Behaviour – particularly our own


  • Positive Communication and gender differences


  • Strategies & Principles for Positive Parenting


Courses are held during every school  

 term, on Tuesday evenings 

 from 6.30 to 8.30pm each

 course runs for 6 weeks


Next Course starts 22nd October


For further information                                               or to enrol contact:



Barnardos Marlborough

31 George Street, Blenheim 7201

Phone: (03) 578 6491  Fax:   (03) 578 6072