Students: How to use Moodle

Hints for studying online

Writing Online

Write concisely

  • If you adapt a paper copy document - cut it by 50%. People scan and use link words on the web.

  • Use paragraphs and keep your sentences short.

Use a readable design

  • Choose an easy to read font - sans serif is usually easier to read than serif .

  • Choose colours that are easy to read - headings should be darkish.

  • Don't use too many colours, keep to black or dark blue for main text.

  • Use short lines and remember paragraphs!

  • Use lower case rather than UPPER CASE WHICH IS HARD TO READ ONLINE.

  • Avoid using Initial Capitals. They Look Very Old Fashioned.

  • Only underline hyperlinks.

Write to be scanned

  • Align left - it helps the eye to scan.

  • Make your headings useful - ask questions, lead in...

  • Use the inverted pyramid structure

    • Big idea at the top

    • Least important at the bottom

Reference: McAlpine, R (1999). Web Word Wizardry. Wellington: Corporate Communications.