Students: How to use Moodle

Hints for studying online

Why learn online?

Why learn online?

  • Courses taught through the Internet or 'online' provide opportunities for student-centred learning. Online, learners are empowered to learn by themselves and to teach each other. Online, you have the opportuniy to share, collaborate and critique each other's work.

  • You have an opportunity to write more online. Because you have time to think before you write, and reflect on your and others' writing, your writing will improve.

  • It's geared to lifelong learning - you will be learning for the rest of your life, and much of it will be online.

  • You have access to rich content, including multimedia images that explain ideas better than text books and words. The Internet also provides you with rich and interesting resources.

  • You can learn where and when you want—24/7. Help and support is available to you through online connections

  • Through quizzes and interactive tests you can get immediate feedback, and you can see how you are doing.

  • You will get to know your peers and colleagues through online discussions, and often get to know more about their ideas than if you were in a face to face classroom.

  • Sharing, collaborating and discussing online helps you develop skills that you will need the rest of your life.

Adapted from: Kassop, M. Ten ways online education matches, or surpoasess, face to face learing. Retrieved on May 6, 2003 from