Students: How to use Moodle

Moodle Terms

Moodle Navigation

Moodle Navigation

Important: It is recommended that you do not use the Back and Forward buttons on your web browser when using Moodle. Be careful to save or post any changes in the page before using these navigation methods.


Breadcrumbs are shown at the top of the screen and display your position in the current course as you move through the pages.

Each breadcrumb is a link to a specific area of the course.

  • 'Home' links to the main Online Learning page
  • 'CourseID' links to the main page of the course
  • 'Forums' (or other Acitivity description) displays a full list of this activity for the course.
  • 'News forum ' (or other title) displays the current activity's title.

Note: The page footer displays a link, 'HOME' or 'COURSEID', which returns you to the main page of the course.

The Jump to... Menu

This menu contains a Previous () arrow, a drop down menu () and a Next () arrow. Use the arrow to navigate to the previous and next activity and the drop down menu to display the activity names.