Students: How to use Moodle

Content & Activities

Moodle Activities

An assignment is a task with a due date and a maximum grade. Assignments can be either Offline or Uploaded.

Chat tool used for instant online discussions with one or more participants logged in at the same time.

A choice is like a poll and allows the instructor to gather statistics.

Forums are ways for students to hold discussions online and act like a virtual message board. A forum is a good place to post questions and comments.

A glossary is a list of words defined by you or your instructor. Participants are able to view and comment on all entries. Your instructor may allow you to also add entries.

A journal is a personal area to note comments and can only be edited and refined by you.

A Lesson delivers your course content in one or more pages normally ending with a question. To advance to the next lesson you are required to answer the question.

A Quiz is an online test and can have either multiple choice, true-false or short answer questions.

Your instructor will use resources to provide course information or reference material.

A survey is just like a questionnaire that the instructor uses to evaluate the online learning environment.

A workshot is a peer assessment activity.