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How to participate in a Forum

How to participate in a Forum

Forums are ways for students to hold discussions online and act like a virtual message board.
A forum is a good place to post questions and comments.

  1. Click on the forums name to view a description of the forum and a list of the Discussion topics.

  2. The topics are listed from latest to oldest. Click the discussion topic's title to view and participate in the discussion.

  3. The discussion and all replies are listed from oldest to newest. Click Reply on the appropriate discussion to post your ideas or comments.

  4. Type your message in the text entry box. Click 'Post to forum ' to finish.

Click 'Add a new discussion topic…' to begin a new discussion - you may not be able to do this depending on how the instructor has set up the forum.

You can subscribe to a forum with the following choices; send all replies to your post to you, or send none of the replies from your post to you. This automatically e-mails you when someone posts a message. [Click to see email subscription options]

You may attach a document if you wish by clicking 'Browse' to upload a file before posting your message to the forum.

Note: Remember, only post information on what the forum is about. You only have 30 minutes to edit your entry.

Discussion Forum Communication Protocols

  1. Avoid using all capitals - Internet conventions mean this is the equivalent of shouting or "flaming" someone.
  2. When posting a reply to another students discussion posting or chat comment, make sure the golden rule applies i.e. dont post anything you would be unhappy to receive if it were posted to you.
  3. Any issues or problems with the course or with another course member should be notified privately to the tutor by email or phone, not raised in a chat room or posted publicly on a discussion forum -please use email or phone the tutor for emergencies or important course issues only.
  4. Log in to the course at least three times a week (but preferably daily each working day just to keep up with what is happening).
  5. Keep to one topic per discussion posting as much as possible, it is better to post several postings on one topic each, rather than one long posting with several topics embedded in it.