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Forum Subscription

Forum Subscription (Getting email notification of forum posts)

An option when using forums is to receive postings via your email address. This provides a number of advantages such as important message posted by the instructor. You have the option of receiving forum postings to your email.

There are a number of options within your User Profile which relate to the email system.

  1. Email display allows you to choose different options to set who can view your email address through your profile.

  2. Email activated allows you to enable or disable your email address.

    • If you enable your email address you will receive emails when subscribed to a forum.
    • If you disable your email address you will not receive emails even if subscribed to a forum.
  1. Email format provides the option of your email address being plain text or html - you can leave this as 'Pretty HTML format' which is the default.

  2. Email digest type provides receiving options

    • If No digest (single email per forum post) is set you will receive an email for every single posting to subscribed forums within 30 minutes of the posting.
    • If Complete (daily email with full posts) is set you will receive ONE email with the forum posting details each day.
    • If Subjects (daily email with subjects only) is set you will receive ONE email with the forum subject details each day.
  1. Forum auto-subscribe sets the following default option shown when posting a forum

You can change this before you post your message to the forum, so check the Subscription option before clicking 'Post to forum'.

  • If you choose Send me email copies... you are subscribing to this forum.
  • If you choose I don't want email copies... you are unsubscribing to this forum.

To view which forums you are subscribed to click 'Forum' on the breadcrumbs at the top of the page when veiwing a forum.

  • You can then click either the word Yes or the word No to change if you are Subscribed or Unsubscribed to that particular forum.

Please note: If your instructor has forced everyone to be subscribed to a forum it will be for a valid reason, such as passing on important information. You can not Unsubscribe from a forum when the instructor has done this, the only way to stop receiving emails from these types of forums is to change your User Profile.