Students: How to use Moodle

Moodle Terms

Basic Moodle Blocks

Moodle Blocks

Blocks are different sections of the main site and course pages.

Each block contains a list of links to other areas of the course in a logical order.

Note: Individual courses have different block layouts.

The Main Menu on the Site Home Page displays the link to the Site news as well as other useful links for users.

The Courses block displays all the courses you are enrolled in. If you are not logged in this block displays a list of course categories your course will belong to.

Click here for a full list of blocks within Moodle.

You can collapse and expand blocks to change the screen display. Minimise blocks you do not need to reduce the page size.

Click the collapse icon (-) to display only the heading of the block.

Click the expand icon (+) to display the entire block.