Students: How to use Moodle

Moodle Terms

-- Moodle Blocks

Moodle Blocks

Note: Individual courses contain different blocks as per the instructor.


This block lists all the activity types used in the course. If you click on a type shown on this list all activities of that type used in the course are displayed.


This displays a list containing various administration tools. Instructors have access to all administrative tools for their course.

Students have access to three administrative tools, Grades, Change Password & Unenrol Me From Course_Name' . Note: This is the only block a user can navigate to and view their grades.


The dates entered for the activity are automatically displayed within the calendar.

  • All participants are able to add User Events' that only they may see.

  • Instructors are able to add Course Events' that all course participants may see.

  • Groups may add Group Events' that all group participants may see.

  • Site Administrators are able to add Site Events' that all participants in all courses may see.

Course Summary

This block displays the Course Summary that is typed in by the instructor via Course Settings.

Latest news

The Latest news block only appears in Topic and Weekly formats. When a new discussion entry is added to the News forum on your course, a link is automatically created in this block.

My courses

This block contains a list of all courses the participant is enrolled in or is an instructor. This is a useful block if students are enrolled in several courses however they are able to navigate to the main site page to see this block so it may not be necessary to keep it in the course page.

Online Users

This block lists all other participants that are currently online in the same course (in the last 5 minutes). May be useful if the students wish to chat or email each other.


The People block is different for Students and Instructors. Students are able to view a list of Participants' in the course as well as a link to Edit profile'. Instructors are also able to view Groups' contained within the course.

Recent activity

The Recent Activity block shows all activity on the course since the last time the user logged in. This feature may help provide prompts for participants as activities are added/updated however it may become slow if large or heavily used courses.


The Search block can be used to search for a word in the forums within your course.

Social Activities

On the Social Format. Bit of a waste of time as it just lists the same things as on the main screen.


This block lists the topic numbers as a link to provide a shortcut to that area of the course.

Upcoming Events

This lists events that are coming up on the calendar within the next two weeks. This may be a useful reminder for some participants however if the calendar is included as a block the dates are highlighted.