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Site purpose and policies

Learning on the Loop site policies

The primary purpose of this site is to allow schools in The Loop catchment (Nelson/Tasman /Marlborough) to experiment with using an online Learning Management System and provide a venue for cross-school and regional education interest group discussions.


Users of this site will be drawn from

  • Primary, Intermediate or Secondary Schools in the Nelson/Tasman/Marlborough regions
  • Organisations directly associated with The Loop or other regional education projects
  • Other organisations or individuals as approved by the site administrator

Some sites hosted on this service will be open for public viewing at the discretion of the individual site facilitators/owners.

Approved sites

Any school, class or special interest group site hosted on this service must have an explicit purpose related to primary, intermediate, secondary or tertiary education and facilitated by a member of The Learning on The Loop community.

One person from each school will be identified as a primary contact person for this site - known as the local school Moodle contact. Requests for school interest group sites or class sites will require approval by the relevant school Moodle contact person.

Requests for cross-school or regional special interest group sites are welcome provided they have a clear connection with education in the Nelson/Tasman/Marlborough regions. The site administrator has the final decision where there is any doubt.Teachers from subscribing schools should discuss their request with their local school Moodle contact. Teachers from non-subscribing schools should use the Request a new course form.

Any schools within Nelson/Tasman/Marlborough regions are able to request accounts and courses to be created in order to explore Moodle functionality for a limited number of users. If a school decides they would prefer to expand their use of this site, beyond 10 course or class areas, they can sign a service agreement with NMIT which includes a small monthly charge to cover the costs of hosting and servicing the site. This charge is simply a cost sharing exercise, there is no profit motive behind NMIT's provision of this service.

Inappropriate content & behaviour

The standard code of conduct for acceptable behaviour or posting of inappropriate content applies across this site. The conduct of individuals is subject to the relevant policies within their own schools and organisations. Unacceptable behaviour may result in membership of the Learning on the Loop site being suspended or removed completely. Further disciplinary action may also be taken by the individual school or organisation.

Complaints about behaviour or content should initially be directed to the teacher/facilitator of the relevant site, then to the local school Moodle contact or finally to the Learning on the Loop site administrator. Complaints about behaviour or content on school sites will be referred to the relevant school pastoral manager. Complaints about behaviour or content on non-school sites will be referred to the Learning on the Loop site administrator.


Personal information used on this site may be sourced from a number of systems within The Loop or subscribing schools subject to the approval of the individual schools or organisations. Personal information stored on this site will not be shared with any other party.

The site administrator is the only user able to view personal information and contributions across all sites and discussion areas. All other users are restricted to viewing personal information and contributions of users within the sites on which they are members. The individual user controls the information they choose to display or contribute within each site.

Questions or appeals

Any queries should be directed to the site administrator who will forward information to the relevant parties. Any appeals to decisions should be directed to the site administrator.

Dated: 24 March 2009