• Administration/Information

    In this folder you will find:

    • Course Outline
    • Year Planner
    • Information to access Moodle and Google Classroom
    • Useful Websites
  • Taku Whānau

    By the end of this unit you will be able to:

    • Relate to others appropriately and supportively = Whakawhanaungatanga
    • Participate and contribute to the class = Mahi tahi
    • Manage self = Rangatiratanga
    • Pronounce words in Te Reo Māori correctly
    • Sing Waiata with words (Ko Pukeone)
    • Recite Karakia with words (E tō mātou matua i te rangi)
    • recite Pēpeha with words and understand it’s meaning
    • translate 40 words into Te Reo Māori from English and from English into Te Reo Māori

  • Taku Kāinga Level 1

    By the end of this unit you will be able to:

    1.1 Greet, farewell and acknowledge people           

    1.2 Introduce myself and others                            

    1.3 Communicate about number using days, months and dates                                     

    1.4 talk about my Iwi, hapu, mountain and awa, hometown and place of family origin.                                            

    1.7 Use and respond to simple classroom language including asking for the word to express something in Te Reo Māori     

  • Taku Marae Level 2 -3

    Students should be able to:

    2.1    communicate about relationships between people;         

    2.2    communicate about possessions;

    2.3    communicate about likes and dislikes, giving reasons where appropriate;

    2.4    communicate about time, weather, and seasons;

    2.5    communicate about physical characteristics, personality, and feelings.

    3.1   communicate, including comparing and contrasting, about habits, routines and customs;

    3.2   communicate about events and where they take place;

    3.3   give and follow directions;
    3.4   communicate, including comparing and contrasting, about how people travel;

    3.5   communicate about immediate past activities.

    • Māu te Hui e whakarite! Level 4

      Students should be able to:
      4.1   request, offer, accept, and decline things, invitations and suggestions;

      4.2   communicate about plans for the immediate future;

      4.3   communicate about obligations and responsibilities;

      4.4   give and seek permission or agreement;

      4.5   communicate about the quality, quantity and cost of things.

      • Taku Hākinakina Level 5

        Students should be able to:

        5.1    communicate about past activities and events;

        5.2    communicate about present and past states, feelings and opinions;

        5.3    communicate about past habits and routines;

        5.4    describe, compare, and contrast people, places and things.