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    • Senior Management

      Principal Wayne Hegarty
      Deputy Principal Bill Wick
      Deputy Principal Michael Heath
      Assistant Principal Jeremy Marshall
      Assistant Principal James Ryan


      Awatere Adrenne Kircher
      Opawa Yvette Ridley
      Waihopai Philip Kotze
      Wairau Chris mcMurtrie


      LO Jonathan Loan
      Mrs Julie Bousquest

      Administrative Staff

      Mrs Diane Cooper
      Mrs Debbie Cowlishaw
      Attendance Mrs Vicki Dight
      Office Manager Mrs Kaye Dickson
      Finance Mrs Raewyn Draper
      Finance Mrs Colleen Haigh
      Library Mrs Shelley Haussmann
      Ms Mary MacDonald
      Transition - Careers  Mrs Claire Matthews
      Principals Secretary Ms Jill Pickering
      Finance Mrs Liz Webb
      Executive Officer Mr Bruce Young

      Faculty Staff


      SL Mrs Ngaire Searle (HOF)
      BK Miss Lucy Buckley
      CH Mrs Debbie Cave-Higgins
      DA Ms Nic Dann
      DU Mr Sudhir Duppati
      HU Mrs Kristine Hudson
      JMU Mr Jeff Mulraney
      COB Mr Con O'Brien
      RU Mr Ray Russell
      SE Mr Dan Searle
      SG Mrs Barbara Song

      Language and Languages

      RD Mr Nicholas Richards (HOF)
      CB Mrs Jennifer Campbell
      CN Mr Ben Christian
      CO Mrs Jaimee Cooney
      CR Mrs Amanda Croall
      FS Mrs Sara Fisher-Stout
      HE Mr Michael Heath
      NA Ms Toni Natapu
      JH Mrs Helen Joseph
      MC Mrs Julie McLeod
      ZW Ms Lisette Zwarts
      VA Mr Alex Van Der Velden (AHOF)


      WR Mr Andrew Wright (HOF)
      BT Mr James Bowater
      DV Mr Phil D'Auvergne
      FT Miss Katrina Fort
      KO Mr Phillip Kotze
      SR Ms Anona Slater
      ST Mr Philip Stout
      WA Mrs Christine Ward
      WK Mr Bill Wick

      Physical Education & Health 

      MX Mr Paul Molyneux (HOF)
      DV Mr Phil D'Auvergne
      AV Mr Ma'Ara Ave
      CS Mr Gray Cornelius
      FE Mr Paul Ferguson (HOF)
      FT Ms Natasha Fort
      BGN Mrs Bridget Gane
      MR Mr Jeremy Marshall
      MM Mr Chris McMurtrie
      PU Mr Gareth Pugh

      Science Faculty

      SN Mr Peter Sutton (HOF)
      AK Miss Jackie Aitken
      AR Mark Anderson
      AT Dr Eliot Attridge
      FR Ms Roz Freeth
      SM Mr Graham Smith
      TR Mrs Trish Trixl
      TU Ms Nicola Turner
      WI Mrs Sally Withers
      YT Mr Gary Ytsma

      Social Science 

      GG Mr Christopher Grage (HOF)
      BY Miss Simone Bailey
      CK Mr Matthew Clark
      FL Mrs Gail Fletcher
      RY Ms Yvette Ridley
      SV Mr Barry Stevenson


      BG Mr Alex Breig (HOF)
      BW Mrs Carolyn Brown
      CM Mrs Camilla McLean (AHOF)
      ER Mr Ross Erikson
      LA Mr Giles Lancaster
      ME Mr John Mclean
      RA Mr Mark Rainbird


      FL Mrs Gail Fletcher
      KP Mr Peter Kemp

      Student Support

      Mrs Gail Bradley
      Mrs Anita McCaffrey
      Mrs Ann McNicholl
      Mrs Denise Murray
      Mr Don Peter

      Caretakers & Grounds staff

      Mr Paul Burrough
      Mr Henry Shaw
      Mr Garry Smart
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