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    NMIT Diploma in {----- } Home Page

    Welcome to the NMIT Diploma in xxxx! This programme will help to accelerate your career in xxxxx. This is the home page for the courses within the programme and provides the essential information on programme administration, programme wide communication and about accessing help. You will also do some initial online orientation tasks here the first time you join the online programme.

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    DirectionsProgramme orientation

    Welcome to your first experience of the Diploma {--------- } online programme!

    By working your way through these introductory tasks you will learn:
    • how to use the NMIT Online (Moodle) learning management system
    • about your tutors and fellow learners
    • more about DipVWP programme
    • how to make the most of online learning
    When you're ready to take the first step on your learning journey, take the "Moodle tour" below.

    Once you're familiar with Moodle, we suggest you work your way through the other sections:

    • Warm-up exercises
    • Useful things to know
    • Move on to explore your specific online courses
    • Most importantly - have fun!!