Topic outline

  • General

    The Environment Committee

    Contributing to a Sustainble Environment.

    • About us

      The environment council is in charge of enviromental activities and events around the school.

      These include:

      • Keeping the school a sustainable enivorment.
      • Liaseing with other schools about enviorment issues and activities.
      • To run enviromental activities, events and enviromental projects within the school and in the community.
      • To keep the school aware of enviromental events and issues within the school e.g. fact of the week.

       Also we run the enviroment council which meet regulary. It is a group of students committed and passionate to helping and further the enviroment for the school and the community for the future.


      We hope you enjoy looking around and hope consider joining us on the enviroment council this year where its a great way to get enovled in your school.