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    Find quality research tools and advice here.  Before formulating research questions, it's important that you do some background reading about your topic to begin with so that know your topic and can then go digging for interesting facts.  No point heading off on a treasure hunt without a map is there?  The links below are a good place to start for such background investigations:


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    Formulating Excellent Research Questions

    Effective and efficient research begins with good research questions. 

    • Bad Research Questions!

    Poor research questions are close ended questions.  Questions that begin with who, when, and where  can be answered quicky and with little information.   When developing research questions, stay away from these types of questions because they don't give you enough to work with.

    • Good Research Questions!

    Good research questions are open ended questions. Questions that begin with how and why lead the researcher to more information and critical thinking.  When developing research questions, aim for these types of questions. Remember to be flexible: sometimes answering one question will lead to another question that must be answered as well.  By being thorough in your research, you will gain the big picture, no matter what the topic.

    • An open-ended question calls for real research and thinking. Asking a question with no direct answer makes research and writing more meaningful and therefore enjoyable.


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      Online Research Tools

      Go to homepage - DigitalNZ
      Arts-and-music Science Nz-indexes-and-databases
      Law-and-business Health Published-articles
      Reference Study-resources New-zealand-history
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        Writing Researched Notes in Your Own Words

        • Read the information .
        • Close/ cover the resource so that you can not read it.
        • Bullet point the important aspects.
        • Take each bullet point and write your own sentence/paragraph to support it.
        • Reread the resource and check your notes for accuracy.


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