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  • What is Counselling?

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  • 24/7 Youth Workers

    24/7 Youth Workers

    Josiah Burton, Robbie Baker & Ashleigh Macbeth

    At Nayland for 1:1 Support

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    • INP

      Lucy from INP (formally Independent Nursing Practise) in Nelson works out of the Cottage every Monday morning from 10.00am – 12.00pm.


      Lucy has 10min appointments which are booked with Andrea.  Students may either have a note or if their appointment is pre-booked they will receive a text to remind them.

      Lucy deals with a range of issues/questions including giving out the ECP.
      • AOD - Alcohol and Other Drugs

        AOD counsel students who have problems with addiction eg: drugs, alcohol, caffeine drinks.

        Appointments - See Andrea at the Cottage.


        Click here to see Nelsons AOD website

        Click here for info on Nelson/Marlborough AOD Services

        • Cottage Courses



          SHINE is nurturing programme that builds resilience in each individual, focusing on valuing ourselves.

           The goals for SHINE are to equip the girls to:

          • Identify themselves as valuable
          • Build confidence, self-esteem and self-worth
          • Develop decision making and problem solving skills
          • Understand they are able to have a positive influence on their world
          • Identify personal desires and strengths to motivate them to set and achieve personal goals

          SHINE run for us by Lisa Madsen and her team who offer their time and energy to our girls, out of the goodness of their hearts.  Annesbrook Church pays for all materials etc.  We are grateful for their generosity.

          Shine is run on Thursday Period 2 in the Seminar Room at Nayland College.



          Travellers aims to foster the healthy development of young people by:

          • Exploring their change experiences;
          • Developing ways to navigate their movement through change in safe and adaptive ways;
          • Supporting young people in exploring links between the ways in which they think and feel about change situations and how their thoughts and feelings influence how they cope and respond; and
          • Enhancing supportive environments for young people experiencing change, and thereby improving their learning outcomes.

          The programme will be on Wednesdays at Nayland College.

          Travellers is a programme for Year 9 students but this term we can take a group at Year 10 whilst the Year 9 survey data is being collated for the rest of the years groups.


          Toolshed is the boys version of SHINE.   Toolshed will be run by Robbie Baker, Josiah Burton and there team from Annesbrook Church - Thursday Period 5 out of the Library Seminar Room.


          The purpose of “Aware” is to introduce a programme for female students who would like to increase their overall wellness.  Students will nominate themselves for the programme however parents and staff are also welcome to suggest girls wanting to participate.  The core components of the programme will be:

          • regular group fitness at the Nayland College 
          • nutrition advice and discussion
          • motivation and encouragement

          Funding has been approved by the NMDHB to run “Aware” as a pilot programme for the Nelson district.  A smoke free message will be promoted in accordance to Ministry of Health recommendations.

          Who is Julie Redwood?

           Julie Redwood is a merit graduate of NMIT’s Diploma in Applied Fitness.  She is a REPS registered personal trainer and level one Wellness Coach.  Having always struggled with her weight she remembers weighing 15 stone, or 97kgs, at age 15.  Yo-yo dieting resulted in low self-esteem and self-confidence and, at age 19, she weighed a massive 130kgs.  Now married with three primary school aged children Julie has addressed her weight issues through a complete lifestyle change including exercise and nutrition and is 50kgs lighter.  She is passionate about helping others make significant life changes and believes with her life experience and academic qualifications she is well equipped to do so.



          Rangatahi Programme – Piloted this term to Nayland College

          The group will be facilitated by Nelson Woman’s and Child Refuge Service.

          The groups aim is to:

          • Offer a safe environment to explore their feelings and talk about their concerns openly with peers:
          • Reduce symptoms related to existing traumatic experiences
          • Develop pro-social ways to deal with everyday frustrations and peer conflict
          • Learn problem-solving skills
          • Enhance skills to handle future stresses
          • To strengthen self esteem
          • Conflict resolution skills


          • Cottage Contacts

            18 Year 13 Students 

            2 full days training at the beginning of the year and weekly meetings thereafter

            1:1 Support / tutoring for students

            Attend a Yr9 class each week in free periods

            Kim Barnes

            Laura Hedley

            Katie Shaw

            Melanie Cole

            Serena Knight

            Rocky Smith

            McKenzie Gill-Davidson

            Sarah Lucic

            Emily Snelgrove

            Renee Goodwin

            Emma Marrison

            Kate Sutton

            Kara Hamilton

            Tanya Poletayeva

            Lydia Watkins


            Ngaio Richards

            Rosie Wild

            • Agencies

              The Cottage works with a number of outside agencies.  The Agencies often use the Cottage to meet with clients.  Agencies make their appointments with reception.


              Some of the Outside Agencies are:

              Snapshot - Gateway Housing Trust


              Open Home Foundation



              Presbyterian Support

              Relationship Services

              Nelson District Court

              Family Start 

              Family Works


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